"You Will Become a Muslim"

The following is an excerpt from a carefully-documented investigative report called Islam in American Classrooms: History or Propaganda? (PDF document):
Not only are our textbooks presenting a biased view of Islam and its history, incredibly, our students are also being subjected to interactive role playing exercises that amount to inculcation into Islam. Homework assignments commonly involve exercises that have the students act as if they were already Muslims. For instance "Form small groups of students to build a miniature mosque." Or: "Assume you‘re a Muslim soldier on your way to conquer Syria in the year A.D. 635. Write three journal entries that reveal your thoughts about Islam, fighting in battle, or life in the desert."

The textbook and its accompanying teachers' guide are full of similar "act as if you are already a Muslim" exercises. Valerie Moore says her daughter "was indoctrinated in the Islamic religion for over four months while in the seventh grade" in 1994. One day she arrived at the Joseph Kerr Junior High School in Elk Grove, California and was greeted by a "huge banner on the front grounds of the school that read, "There is one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet." Moore also witnessed "children dressed in Muslim attire, chanting from the Koran and playing while marching around the Ka'bah." She lamented, "They aren't just teaching them about Islam, they have them practicing it. They have them kneeling down and praying to Allah. I have a problem with that. That's more like inculcation."

One celebrated case in the Excelsior School in Bryon, California provoked a federal First Amendment lawsuit in 2003. The student guide portion of the module Islam: A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture, which the Council for Islamic Education helped edit, states, "From the beginning, you and your classmates will become Muslims." According to the Thomas More Law Center, a public interest law firm which sued the Bryon Union school district on behalf of Jonas and Tiffany Eklund and their two minor children, the controversial role-playing module, required students to:

1. Recite aloud Muslim prayers that began with "In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful..."

2. Memorize the Muslim profession of faith: "Allah is the only true God and Mohammed is his messenger."

3. Chant "Praise be to Allah" in response to teacher prompts

4. Profess as "true" the Muslim belief that "The Holy Qur‘an is God's word."

5. Wear an emblem of the Muslim star and crescent moon around their necks

6. Adopt a Muslim name from a list of 30

7. Analyze, explain and recite the jihadist scripture: "Believers, why is it that when it is said to you: 'March in the cause of Allah,' you linger slothfully in the land? … If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly and replace you with other men."

Students also earned extra credit for wearing a robe and memorizing verses of the Qur‘an and learning the Five Pillars of Islam. They even staged their own jihad via a dice game. Sources reported that no Bible verses were learned, and Christianity overall was "barely touched on."

These exercises amount to the promotion of and inculcation into Islamic practices and beliefs. This is not teaching about a religion, it is teaching students to actually practice a religion. This type of group experience is the most powerful form of propaganda — brainwashing. They are the same types of group brainwashing techniques used by the communists on American GIs during the Korean War.

The overzealous indoctrination of students has prompted many California parents to complain that the state is allowing Muslim activists to brainwash our children into accepting Islam, while at the same time marginalizing Christianity.

An outraged teacher at Excelsior school who was also the parent of a 7th grader said, "We can‘t even mention the name of Jesus in the public schools, but... they teach Islam as the true religion and students are taught about Islam and how to pray to Allah." This is not education, it is blatant thought-control — an attempt to subvert our young students and ultimately subjugate our nation.

The examples above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Islamic propaganda in America‘s schools. If you pick up any history textbook that discusses Islam, you will find the same type of whitewashing as has been revealed above. Clearly there is a highly organized and very effective campaign to circumvent the U.S. Constitution, state laws, Board of Education content guidelines and the will of the American people. The worst part is the perpetrators are using taxpayers' funds, state employees, and public facilities to promote and inculcate Islam in the minds of our impressionable youth. They have selected their targets with care to inflict the maximum damage on our future.
There's more:
From the article "How to Make America an Islamic Nation" on the Islamic website www.dawanet.com we learn one of their most powerful modern propaganda tactics: "Schools and campuses are no exceptions as places where Islam can be victorious... We should use every opportunity to sensitize non-Muslim peers and school staff to Islam and to establish an environment in which everywhere a non-Muslim turns he notices Islam portrayed in a positive way, is influenced by it and eventually accepts Islam."

The article concludes by reminding Muslims that the will of Allah, faith and Muslim creativity combined to win many victories in the past and can prevail in America in the future.

This advice is in direct opposition to American laws which prohibit proselytizing for religions in our public schools. Much to our detriment, the Islamic propagandists have infiltrated and are subverting our school systems for their own purposes — to prepare our future leaders to abandon the Constitution and accept Islam and sharia law.

Demonizing Christianity

The following is an excerpt from a carefully-documented investigative report called Islam in American Classrooms: History or Propaganda? (PDF document):
The American Textbook Council found a stunning contrast between the portrayal of Islam as a model of interfaith "multicultural" tolerance and Christianity as the aggressor in many wars of religion throughout the centuries. While the textbooks present Islam in a broad and completely positive manner, the limited references to Christianity are cloaked in skepticism and negativity, with events such as the Inquisition and the Salem witch hunts highlighted in bold, black type. The Council also found that "When…Muslim groups attack Christian peoples, kill them, and take their lands, the process is referred to as 'building' an empire. Christian attempts to restore those lands are labeled as 'violent attacks' or 'massacres.'" These disturbing examples illustrate that the textbooks blatantly promote Islam while not-so-subtly denigrating Christianity; a proscribed practice and an affront to America‘s Judeo/Christian values.


How Shari'a Treats Women

The following is an excerpt from a carefully-documented investigative report called Islam in American Classrooms: History or Propaganda? (PDF document). According to Islamic Law (Shari'a):
1. Men are superior to women (Surah 2:228, the Qur'an).

2. Women are deficient in intellect and understanding (the Hadith, Al Bukhari Vol. 3:826).

3. A woman is first the possession of her father and then her husband. Fathers may offer a daughter as young as 6 years old to a man of any age who is entitled to consummate the union with wives as young as 9 years old (Muhammad, the role model for all Muslims, took Aisha as a bride when she was six years old and consummated the marriage when she was nine — Bukkari, vol. 5, book 63, no. 3896; cf. Bukkari, vol. 7, book 67, no 5158).

4. Islam considers a wife to be a sex object who must submit to sex whenever, wherever and however her husband wants it. The concept of spousal rape does not exist in Islam (Surah 2:223, the Qur'an).

5. A husband has the legal right and religious obligation to beat a wife if she disobeys him, is disloyal to him or simply does not please him. The concept of wife abuse does not exist in Islam (Surah 4:34, the Qur'an).

6. A man may divorce his wife simply by saying "I divorce you" three times. The woman will be removed from the household with no legal rights to visit the children or financial rights to any shared property (for centuries Muslim men have been able to divorce their wives simply by saying, "I divorce thee" three times. See: "Islamic Divorce Ruled Not Valid in Maryland," Ruben Castaneda, Washington Post, May 8, 2008 page B02).

7. For a woman to prove that she has been raped she must have four male witnesses who will testify against the accused. Without these witnesses rape victims in Muslim countries are commonly accused of adultery and stoned to death, thus punishing the victim simply because she is a woman (Surah 24:12-15, the Qur'an).

8. Islam is the only religion in the world that condones, even encourages, rape of female captives taken as slaves or held for ransom as a tactic of war and a reward for victorious soldiers who conquer "infidels" (Surah 4:24, the Qur'an).

Muslim Propagandists Influence Public Schools In America

The following is an excerpt from a carefully-documented investigative report called Islam in American Classrooms: History or Propaganda? (PDF document):
An expert reviewer of instructional materials is The Textbook League (the League) which was founded in 1989 to support the creation and acceptance of sound schoolbooks. The League is a resource for middle-school and high-school educators, local school districts and officers of state and county education agencies throughout the United States. Its expert reviewers, who have professional credentials in the pertinent disciplines, provide commentaries on some 200 items, in 20 different curriculum categories including textbooks, curriculum manuals, videos and reference books. Most of the commentaries appeared originally in the League's bulletin, The Textbook Letter. In a scathing report titled How a Public School In Scottsdale Arizona Subjected Students to Islamic Indoctrination. The League documents the mis-statements, errors, and outright lies perpetuated in the middle school textbook History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond published by Teachers Curriculum Institute. The 35-page report exposes the blatant propaganda in History Alive! chapter-by-chapter and even paragraph-by-paragraph. It includes the following statement:
"Muslim propagandists operating in America have been highly successful in impelling our public schools to disseminate pseudo-historical claptrap in which Islam is glorified and whitewashed. Muslim religion claims are presented as facts...students are induced—indeed, are required—to accept and parrot Muslim religious beliefs."
Incredibly, this grossly misleading textbook has also been adopted by the California Department of Education and many other school districts across the nation. The League‘s report clearly documents that this textbook is designed to promote and inculcate Islamic beliefs and practices in the minds our impressionable students.

The Islamic Influence on American Textbooks

The following is an excerpt from a carefully-documented investigative report called Islam in American Classrooms: History or Propaganda? (PDF document):
The American Textbook Council (the Council) was founded in 1989 as an independent national research organization. The Council reviews history textbooks and other educational materials. It is dedicated to improving the social studies curriculum and civic education in the nation's elementary and high schools. Consulted by educators and policymakers at all levels, it provides detailed information and textbook reviews for individuals and groups interested in improving history materials. In June of 2008, after two years of painstaking study, the Council released a 48 page report entitled Islam in the Classroom: What the Textbooks Tell Us. This document provides a summary of the Council's detailed evaluation of the major history and social science texts that were offered to the nation's public school districts in 2006. Most modern American textbooks avoid painting a rosy picture of Christianity and Judaism. But, according to the Council, textbooks being used by thousands of public schools across the country are blatantly glorifying and promoting Islam. The report states:
1. There is surely no more perplexing an aspect of the history curriculum than Islam.

2. The misinformation surrounding Islam and textbooks is disturbing, more so because much of it is intentional.

3. Outright textbook errors about Islam are not the main problem. The more serious failure is the presence of disputed definitions and claims that are presented as established facts.

4. Explicit facts that non-Muslims might find disturbing are varnished or deleted.

5. The seventh grade world history textbooks reviewed avoid all conflict and bloodshed in describing Islam's push out of Arabia and rapid conquest of most of the Mediterranean world. They fail to explain how Islam spread in the seventh and eighth centuries. Islam appears out of nowhere, spreads smoothly and by implication without conflict. Once it was common to say that Islam was spread by the sword. Now, textbooks implied, it moved peacefully, with traders. Islam is "brought to apparently willing populations."

6. Terrorism and Islam are uncoupled and the ultimate dangers of Islamic militancy hidden from view.

7. These effusive formulations stop just short of invention and raise questions about the sources of information.
This is a serious indictment of America‘s most widely-used Islamic history textbooks. The Council is a well-respected, independent, non-partisan research organization. Its only agenda is to advance the quality of history and social studies textbooks to promote better understanding of all cultures.

Whitewashing Islam in Mainstream Textbooks

The following is an excerpt from a carefully-documented investigative report called Islam in American Classrooms: History or Propaganda? (PDF document)
Under the cover of political correctness, multiculturalism and Americans' naïve belief in the universal goodwill of mankind, Muslim apologists have induced all of our major textbook publishers to whitewash Islam's history. The textbooks present an overly-benign picture of Islam. They never mention its cruel history of atrocities, anti-democratic ideologies and totalitarian ambitions for world domination. Much to our detriment, most Americans, and especially our young people, are fooled by Islamic propaganda. That's because we've never been told the whole truth about the founder, beliefs, history, laws or future intentions of this supremacist ideology.
How did this come about?
In 1995 President Bill Clinton directed the U.S. Secretary of Education ― "to provide every public school district in America with a statement of principles addressing the extent to which religious expression and activities are permitted in our public schools." The resulting document, Religious Expression in Public Schools, states that, ― "Public schools may not provide religious instruction, but they may teach about religion..." This landmark document opened the door for Islam to enter the classrooms.
And so then what happened?
Islamic apologists have worked hard and been successful in persuading textbook publishers, teachers, and the American school system to present a false and dangerously misleading view of Islam. This disinformation, cleverly disguised as education, deceives rather than informs our school children. The result is a revision of Islamic history that paints an attractive picture of this intolerant and often violent 7th century ideology.

US Surrenders Educational Institutions To Islamic Radicals

The following is an article by Herb Denenberg, published in The Bulletin Friday, January 30, 2009.

There’s growing evidence that America may be meeting its educational Waterloo and that our educational system is being captured by radical Islamists. As Robert Spencer put it so well in his classic book, The Stealth Jihad, radical Islam is subverting America without guns or bombs.

The radical Islamists have scored dramatic victories in determining what students are taught in America about Islam, and we don’t even seem to know what is happening. The radical Islamists have managed a massive penetration of our educational system that teaches everyone from the youngest students all the way up to students at our colleges and universities.

Here is what the radical Islamists are doing at all educational levels, according to Mr. Spencer:

“Of all the arenas in which the stealth jihad is advancing, one of the most crucial is in our schools, where stealth jihadists have found a welcoming environment among teachers deeply steeped in the credo of multiculturalism. With the mandate of ‘tolerance’ robbing many educators of their ability to evaluate non-Western cultures critically, teachers are highly susceptible to an organized campaign by U.S.-based Islami c organizations and their primary benefactors, Saudi Arabia, to present a view of Islam that whitewashes its violent history and intolerant religious imperatives.”

In other words, if you can’t evaluate other cultures and decide whether our culture is better, you’re hardly in a position to defend your own culture against the rising tide of its enemies, including the radical Islamists also known as islamofascists.

You can’t effectively defend your culture if you think all cultures are pretty much the same.

The radical Islamist have launched a two-pronged assault on our educational system at the pre-college level:

1. In Islamic academies in America, with teaching materials from Saudi Arabia and other sources, the academies indoctrinate unequivocal hatred toward non-Muslims, and deep suspicion of our Western values.

2. The opposite approach is taken in our mainstream schools. U.S.-based Islamic groups place lesson plans and other educational materials that are about the opposite of the antagonistic materials placed in Islamic academies. In the mainstream public schools this is what Mr. Spencer says takes place: Islamic instruction “presents a picture of Islam that is so pristine and peaceful that it sometimes crosses the boundary from mere pro-Muslim bias to outright Islamic proselytizing.

So the radical Islamists are not only indoctrinating young students but may well be on the road to converting them to Islam.

The findings of a study released in June 2008 by th e American Textbook Council, an independent national research organization that evaluates the quality of textbooks, finds where we are now with educational materials used in our schools. Mr. Spencer says here is what it found about what ten of the most widely used middle school and high school social studies textbooks teach. They “present an incomplete and confected view of Islam that misrepresents its foundations and challenges to international security.” Mr. Spencer writes, “The report found that the books present highly tendentious constructions as undisputed truth, making common cause with West-hating multiculturalists to bowdlerize the presentation of Islam, denigrate or downplay Christianity and Western civilization, and transform many public school textbooks into proselytizing tracts.”

Incredible as that is, even more incredible is that this tendency has only intensified since 9/11.

California seventh graders use a text that defines jihad as follows: “Muslims should fulfill jihad with the heart, tongue and hand. Muslims use the heart in their struggle to resist evil. The tongue may convince others to take up worthy causes, such as funding medical research. Hands may perform good works and correct wrongs.”

Mr. Spencer writes, “It gives no idea that Muslims have ever viewed jihad as involving, in whole or part, warfare against unbelievers, or have ever waged war on that basis. Muhammad, meanwhile, far from exhorting his followers to subjugate unbelievers, ‘taught equality’ and was a prototypical compassionate liberal who instructs Muslims ‘to share their wealth and to care for the less fortunate in our society.’”

In other words, this is classic Orwellian inversion of the false into the true. What’s even worse, the Textbook Council found, “While seventh-grade textbooks describe Islam in glowing language, they portray Christianity in harsh light. Students encounter a startling contrast. Islam is featured as a model of interfaith tolerance; Christians wage wars of aggression and kill Jews. Islam provides models of harmony and civilization. Anti-Semitism, the Inquisition, and wars of religion bespot the Christian record.”

Mr. Spencer asks whether publicly-funded schools and even private schools should be allowed to teach doctrines that flatly contradict the Constitution, as Sharia does? Should our students be taught to remove all obstacles to the spread and dominance of Islam? Should students be indoctrinated with an anti-Christian and anti-American bias?

It’s time these questions are studied, discussed, and acted on by an informed citizenry. Otherwise, we stand to lose our culture and America, as we know it. We are in the process of surrendering our children and our nation to radical Islam and we seem to be unaware of what is happening.

If that’s not disheartening enough, I’ve told only half the story of what is going on in our educational system — only at the pre-college level. Our colleges and universities are also go ing down the tubes and are being turned into centers of anti-Americanism, indoctrination of students to favor Islam, and placing thought and debate on this subject in an ideological straitjacket favoring Islam.

Our colleges and universities have abandoned their function and are now in the business of radical Islamic propagandizing. Here is what universities are supposed to do, according to a University of California at Berkeley’s Academic Personnel Manual. This section was inserted by President Robert Gordon Sproul in 1934.

But don’t be encouraged by what has been called a ringing affirmation of the commitment of the university to education, not propaganda. The universities are now in the business of propaganda, of brain washing, and indoctrination. It is no accident that this ringing affirmation of the true function of the university has been removed from its academic manual, as of 2003:

“The function of the university is to seek and to transmit knowledge and to train students in the processes whereby truth is made known. To convert, or to make converts, is alien and hostile to this dispassionate duty. Where it becomes necessary in performing this function of a university, to consider political, social, or sectarian movements, they are dissected and examined, not taught, and the conclusion left with no tipping of the scales, to the logic of facts.”

What goes on at our colleges and universities can be communicated in a case study of Professor Omid Safi, who should be called Propagandist for Radical Islam Safi. One of his assignments given students called for critical reports on Islamophobes, neo-cons, Western triumphalists, etc. included on a long list that named some of our greatest scholars and most distinguished authors such as Bernard Lewis, considered the West’s greatest authority on Islam, Samuel Huntington, Alan Bloom, Leo Strauss, Bat Yeor, Patricia Crone, William Bennett, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, and many others.

Notice that Professor Safi labeled these people as Islamophobes or some other pejorative term to put them in the worst possible light. This is not teaching, but indoctrination, brain washing, and propagandizing. It is certainly not conducive to freedom of thought.

Would students evaluate these people on their own merits knowing that the professor is harshly condemning their work? Would a student say Bernard Lewis is a great scholar and his work represents some of the most important scholarship on Islam?

This is not a list of people to be evaluated on their merits. It is the professor’s enemies list and students are likely to write accordingly. You don’t get an A by proving your professor is a fool even if he is.

Professor Safi has abandoned all the traditional professorial ideal of pursuit of the truth, and is in the business of propaganda and thought control. He should have been fired immediately. So what happened?

He was teaching at Colgate, but his propagandizing soon meant he had a position at a more prestigious university, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Yes, our universities have come to that – academic promotions for propagandizing professors who have abandoned all the principles on which university education should be based.

Mr. Spencer says Professor Safi may not be a stealth jihadist, but he is certainly serving the cause of the stealth jihadists: “Professors who prevent their students from learning about Islam in an objective manner, and those like Safi who place an ideological straightjacket on their students, are performing a valuable service for the stealth jihad.

For in this manner Professor Safi signaled to students that any investigation of Islamic supemacism, violent or non-violent, would be classed as ‘Islamophobia,’ ‘unrepentant Orientalism,’ ‘Western triumphalism,’ and even ‘neo-conservatism’ — all the worst epithets in today’s academy.”

Professor Safi is all too typical of the propaganda professors and political agitators who have taken over many university departments and who are facilitating the programs of the stealth jihadists.

Professor Safi joined a whole team of like-minded people at the University of North Carolina. The school was in the news in 2002 when incoming freshmen were assigned a book on the Quran that focused only on passages that suggest relative tolerance and mutual coexistence between Muslims and nonbelievers. However, the doctrines of jihad and dhimmitude (second-class citizenship for nonbelievers), which mainstream Islamic scholars say supersede the more tolerant passages are not included in the book. So the passages that have proven so oppressive and even fatal to Christians Jews, and other non-Muslims throughout history are not in the book.

A North Carolina professor produced that sanitized version of the Quran. Another wrote a book, which said any criticism of Islam, was based on Jungian projection, i.e., the critics are projecting their negative characteristics onto others. Mr. Spencer asks whether 9/11 and a long list of other Islamic atrocities were somehow imaginary and merely projected onto the Islamists by critics.

The distorted thinking at the University of North Carolina is also illustrated by an experience Mr. Spencer had after speaking there on the threat of the stealth jihad. A University of North Carolina professor wrote a paper on Mr. Spencer’s appearance. That professor did not and perhaps could not challenge what Mr. Spencer said on the merits. So he said Mr. Spencer’s books were published by conservative publishing companies and were non-scholarly.

This shows how universities such as North Carolina have become propaganda mills, not true universities. The professor could not discuss Mr. Spencer’s ideas on the merits. He could only point out that they were published by a company that may be on the wrong side of the ideological fence.

North Carolina makes a perfect case study for another reason. That’s because on March 3, 2006, a 22-year old Iranian student drove his SUV onto the North Carolina campus and tried to kill people. He did injure nine people. After the incident, the student was pleased with himself and said he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.”

In a letter, he explained why he set out to murder the residents of Chapel Hill “by running them over with my automobile and stabbing them with a knife if the opportunities are presented to me by Allah.” In the letter he says he is just “a servant of Allah.” He justifies his acts by saying in the Koran “Allah states that the believing men and women have permission to murder anyone responsible for the killing of other believing men and women … After extensive contemplation and reflection, I have made the decision to exercise the right of violent retaliation that Allah has given me to the fullest extent to which I am capable at present.”

He said further, “Allah’s commandments are never to be questioned and all of Allah’s commandments must be obeyed. Those who violate Allah’s commandments and purposefully follow human fabrication and falsehood as their religion will burn in fire for eternity in accordance with Allah’s will.”

Mr. Spencer says this tragedy might have been averted if the North Carolina professors would have stopped denying the jihadist ideology and the Islamic supremacism found in the Koran and elsewhere, and called on local Muslim groups “to develop comprehensive programs teaching against the jihadist ideology and Islamic supremacism.” If the North Carolina professors had acted as professors instead of propagandists for jihadists the tragedy might have been prevented.

To understand how this is all happening, Mr. Spencer says follow the money. Saudis and others have been pouring Islamic money into our colleges and universities to buy up professors and departments to propagate their propaganda lines. Elite institutions, such as Harvard, Columbia, and Georgetown have demonstrated they are for sale, and have been sold to these anti-American, pro-jihadist forces. Our universities have become intellectual houses of prostitution for sale to any high bidder.

For more details on what is going on, you should read Mr. Spencer’s book, Stealth Jihad. You will be shocked to the core, and also be shocked into realizing it is late in the game, and we better act now if we want to protect our nation, our culture, our freedoms, and our security.

Mr. Spencer says some of our first steps is to discard the politically correct orthodoxy that values “tolerance” of non-Western cultures above any objective search for truth.”

He says we are so far gone in the blindness of political correctness that “The mere suggestion that the jihadists’ hatred for us is rooted in the Qur’an [Koran] and other fundamental Islamic texts is simply not tolerated in academia. As a result, many American citizens as well as policy makers continue to cast about in vain for a way to satisfy our enemies’ grievances.” One such deluded policymaker is Barrack Hussein Obama who wants to talk to Iran and sweet talk them out of their firmly engraved objectives and ideologies.

Unless he is the Messiah the mainstream media claim he is, I can assure him his talking cure for terrorism and genocide is a waste of time and will simply give Iran more time to build a nuclear bomb.

Herb Denenberg is a former Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner, and professor at the Wharton School. He is a longtime Philadelphia journalist and consumer advocate. He is also a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of the Sciences. His column appears daily in The Bulletin. You can reach him at advocate@thebulletin.us.

Ignorance as a Political Point-of-View

Rational thought and facts are the only tools we have to combat political Islam. On the basis of facts and logic, the kafirs beat the dhimmis and the Muslims, every time. But rational thought is being declared an enemy of the Newstate. The Newstate is the government, the media, and the universities. They all work as one team now. The war against political Islam has become a war to preserve the remnants of rational/critical thought. It is the purpose of the Newstate to eliminate critical/rational thought and analysis. The battle is not with Islam; the battle is with us and how we think.

There is a rational basis for discussing Islam, but people do not want a rational basis because they really don’t want to open the box and look inside. There is a profound fear of actually looking into the eyes of Mohammed and knowing the mind of Islam. Fear, because we feel ourselves to be in the position of a spouse who has suspicions that their partner is cheating on them. If they found out that their suspicions were true, they would have to do something, so it seems better not to know. To keep us from asking questions and wanting to know, the Newstate has declared knowledge about Islam is to be called bigotry. We just don’t do that, you know, discuss Islam. It is not proper behavior. Bigots don’t like Muslims. Isn’t being afraid of Islam called Islamo-phobia? Exerting critical thought about Islam gets you labeled as mentally and ethically ill. The primary weapon of the Newstate against knowledge is name-calling and insults. To have knowledge about political Islam is a crime against the Newstate.

It is a crime because the authority of the Newstate has decreed it to be so. The genius of the Newstate is knowing that if facts are made a civil crime then critical thought cannot begin. For this reason, the media never, but never, connects the dots of what is happening with political Islam.

We are beginning to mimic the thinking process of Islam. Islam does not allow critical thought, because critical thought is based upon doubt. Doubt might cause you to ask questions like: “Why was Mohammed having the heads of 800 male Jews cut off? Why were the women and children sold in wholesale lots to get money for financing jihad?”

The Newstate has decreed what knowledge is allowed and what knowledge is forbidden. We have lists of ideas that cannot be argued in public without some sort of censor. Go to any university, newspaper or government agency and see if you can discuss:

  • The role of Islam in world slavery
  • In a women’s studies class, see if you can discuss how Sharia law oppresses women around the world
  • The history of dhimmi
  • The Islamic annihilation of Buddhist culture in Afghanistan
  • The role of political Islam in the Israel/”Palestinian” war
  • See if there is any critical thought about Islam anywhere in the school, newspaper, or government agency

See if you can get the local paper to run any articles on the above. Maybe National Public Radio will do a segment. Not! If you try to get the Rotary club or a local church to talk about any of these and you will find no forum. No one wants to know. You better not talk about it at work, either. If Human Resources hears about it you will be in deep bigot country.

Everybody knows this is at the same cultural level of knowing not to “break wind” in public. You just don’t talk about Islam in public territory. It is like telling N-word jokes. It’s not done.

We call this constraint of public discourse political correctness. Islam has a word for political correctness—haram, meaning it is forbidden. The Newstate now enforces what is allowed (halal) and what is forbidden (haram). Islamic knowledge has always been authoritative and now the Newstate is demanding the authority to tell us when to speak or not to speak. So, the Newstate enforces haram for Islam.

Freedom of speech and the speech of dissent is fading. America is in the beginning phases of authoritarianism. Universities are becoming centers of authoritarian knowledge--not centers of analytic and scientific reasoning. Critical or analytic thinking demands looking at all sides of a question. One of the most important questions of the 21st century is how do we deal with political Islam. But no university teaches any subjects on Islamic slavery, the Islamic annihilation of Christianity or Hinduism, Jews as dhimmis, or any suffering that Islam causes. The very basis of all Islam--the Sunna, the Sira (Mohammed’s canonical biography), the Hadith (his traditions) are not taught. Oh, you might study a verse or a hadith, but not a systematic study.

If we speak out against political Islam, we are called bigots. But the charge of bigotry is a morals charge. We, who know, are called immoral. We are not factually wrong, but morally wrong. Why is it that knowing the life and traditions of Mohammed makes someone immoral, while not knowing the Sunna makes you morally superior? Why has ignorance become a valid point of view?

All of the doctrine of Islam is found in the Trilogy of Koran, Sira, and Hadith. If you have not read these then you have not read both the foundation and the entirety of Islam. Why should any official, professor, priest, rabbi, preacher, or media pundit have any right to speak at all until they have read the basic material? Why should ignorance be a leadership quality?

America was founded based on arguments and debates, but now dissent is becoming morally wrong. For example: The New York Times is backing the suppression of Geert Wilder’s movie Fitna. In a shame and a disgrace, the Times condemns the man. They condemn him because he is offensive and insulting. Offensive to whom? Not to me. And they never once asked any questions about whether what he says is true. Truth is no defense against forbidden knowledge, haram. Instead they say he is the equivalent of a European redneck. They attack the messenger and not that facts. They don’t want to know about or look at the facts. Why is it that Islam can be offended, but I can’t? Where are we are we headed here?

I am more afraid of the ACLU and the Federal government than I am of Islam. The Newstate is beginning to act as a partner with political Islam. Whatever political Islam demands, the Newstate will deliver. The Newstate has decreed that ignorance is the acceptable political point-of-view. And those who represent facts and critical thinking will be punished and condemned as moral criminals and enemies of the Newstate.

At this critical juncture, you have two choices. You can choose ignorance, fear and not being a bigot to please the Newstate. This means being a dhimmi (a kafir servant of Islam). There is another path, the path of knowledge, critical thinking and defending your civilization by telling truth about political Islam. You can choose fear, ignorance and cowardice, or you can choose critical reasoning, knowledge and courage. It is your choice. If you choose courage and knowledge, first ground yourself in some of the truth of the doctrine by reading Mohammed’s biography. It is sacred literature and will do more for you to understand Islam more than any other single thing. Also check out the information on citizenwarrior.com, and join ACT! for America.

- Written by Bill Warner

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The More Muslims, The More Trouble

I posted an article about the petition to stop Muslim immigration into the United States on the Infidel Bloggers Alliance, and a person named ZT made a comment that I would like to copy to here. Here's what he said:

Adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond's book: Slavery, Terrorism & Islam: Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat.

When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to Muslim demands for their religious privileges, some of the other components tend to creep in as well. Here's how it works. As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:

United States — Muslim 0.6%
Australia — Muslim 1.5%
Canada — Muslim 1.9%
China — Muslim 1.8%
Italy — Muslim 1.5%
Norway — Muslim 1.8%

At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. This is happening in:

Denmark — Muslim 2%
Germany — Muslim 3.7%
United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
Spain — Muslim 4%
Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. This is occurring in:

France — Muslim 8%
Philippines — Muslim 5%
Sweden — Muslim 5%
Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris , we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in:

Guyana — Muslim 10%
India — Muslim 13.4%
Israel — Muslim 16%
Kenya — Muslim 10%
Russia — Muslim 15%

After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:

Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:

Bosnia — Muslim 40%
Chad — Muslim 53.1%
Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:

Albania — Muslim 70%
Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
Sudan — Muslim 70%

After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:

Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
Egypt — Muslim 90%
Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
Iran — Muslim 98%
Iraq — Muslim 97%
Jordan — Muslim 92%
Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
Pakistan — Muslim 97%
Palestine — Muslim 99%
Syria — Muslim 90%
Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

100% will usher in the peace of 'Dar-es-Salaam' — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there's supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:

Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
Somalia — Muslim 100%
Yemen — Muslim 100%

Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.

"Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; the tribe against the world, and all of us against the infidel."
— Leon Uris, "The Haj"

It is important to understand that in some countries, with well under 100% Muslim populations, such as France, the minority Muslim populations live in ghettos, within which they are 100% Muslim, and within which they live by Sharia Law. The national police do not even enter these ghettos. There are no national courts nor schools nor non-Muslim religious facilities. In such situations, Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. The children attend madrasses. They learn only the Koran. To even associate with an infidel is a crime punishable with death. Therefore, in some areas of certain nations, Muslim Imams and extremists exercise more power than the national average would indicate.

Posted by ZT to Infidel Bloggers Alliance at Monday, February 09, 2009 1:31:00 AM

Sign the petition here: Stop Muslim Immigration to the United States.


Forest Fire Jihad

An Australian news source recently published this story. Here is an excerpt from the article:
US intelligence channels earlier this year identified a website calling on Muslims in Australia, the US, Europe and Russia to "start forest fires", claiming "scholars have justified chopping down and burning the infidels' forests when they do the same to our lands".

The website, posted by a group called the Al-Ikhlas Islamic Network, argues in Arabic that lighting fires is an effective form of terrorism justified in Islamic law under the "eye for an eye" doctrine.

The posting — which instructs jihadis to remember "forest jihad" in summer months — says fires cause economic damage and pollution, tie up security agencies and can take months to extinguish so that "this terror will haunt them for an extended period of time".

"Imagine if, after all the losses caused by such an event, a jihadist organisation were to claim responsibility for the forest fires," the website says. "You can hardly begin to imagine the level of fear that would take hold of people in the United States, in Europe, in Russia and in Australia."
Read the whole article here: Islam Group Urges Forest Fire Jihad.

Read another article about it: U.S. Intel Alerted to Threat of 'Forest Fire Jihad.'

Our Flinchless Noble Endeavor

This is an interesting article from a self-help site. It is a skill we can use in our main task (sharing information about Islamic supremacism with people who don't know). The reaction you get when you talk to people about Islam's relentless encroachment is sometimes shocking. People will call you names. They'll be horribly offended. They'll look at you like you are evil. They will be confused. How can a nice person like you say such vile things?

We will need some serious fortitude to withstand this kind of reaction and keep communicating. And this article contains a method that can help us. Here is an excerpt:
Flinching is an attempt to protect yourself, and it’s very natural. Everybody does it. But there is one major problem with it: Flinching makes you weak. Notice I didn’t say it was a sign that you are weak. The act of flinching itself makes you weak.

But when you have the urge to flinch and you don’t, you gain a kind of strength. And when you look people right in the eyes with your arms hanging by your sides where they naturally hang and you speak truthfully without flinching, you have an unnervingly powerful personal presence.

And you don’t have to spend years getting good at this; you can do it the very next time you talk to someone. It’s easy to do (once you decide to), but when you do it, you will notice a temptation, a craving, a desire — almost an ache — to fidget or look away or at least put your hands in your pockets.

Refuse to flinch.
Read the whole article here: Refuse to Flinch.