Our Flinchless Noble Endeavor

This is an interesting article from a self-help site. It is a skill we can use in our main task (sharing information about Islamic supremacism with people who don't know). The reaction you get when you talk to people about Islam's relentless encroachment is sometimes shocking. People will call you names. They'll be horribly offended. They'll look at you like you are evil. They will be confused. How can a nice person like you say such vile things?

We will need some serious fortitude to withstand this kind of reaction and keep communicating. And this article contains a method that can help us. Here is an excerpt:
Flinching is an attempt to protect yourself, and it’s very natural. Everybody does it. But there is one major problem with it: Flinching makes you weak. Notice I didn’t say it was a sign that you are weak. The act of flinching itself makes you weak.

But when you have the urge to flinch and you don’t, you gain a kind of strength. And when you look people right in the eyes with your arms hanging by your sides where they naturally hang and you speak truthfully without flinching, you have an unnervingly powerful personal presence.

And you don’t have to spend years getting good at this; you can do it the very next time you talk to someone. It’s easy to do (once you decide to), but when you do it, you will notice a temptation, a craving, a desire — almost an ache — to fidget or look away or at least put your hands in your pockets.

Refuse to flinch.
Read the whole article here: Refuse to Flinch.

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